Vinaudit Review

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Product Name: Vinaudit

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Vinaudit Review

A car is one of the most expensive that you buy. If you are buying a used car, you will want to know its history. Are you looking for a clear story and upfronts about defects about the car? Here, VinAudit is for you! It helps you increase the confidence of potential buyers. As a vehicle buyer, you can reduce your risk of hidden problems and intentional fraud. VinAudit continues to improve the model over time as additional real-world data accumulates in the database. It was founded in 2011 as an official NMVTIS access provider, in addition to maintaining an independent database with millions of new vehicle registrations added each month. This system had been used for hundreds of thousands every year, with each report.

What is the VinAudit?

VinAudit offers one of the most thorough checks for critical issues at an affordable price. It is a small technology company with the mission of delivering data without the brand offering a lower cost alternative to traditional vehicle history providers. VinAudit approved first-level access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), in addition to adding one of the most comprehensive independent databases of available vehicle data. As this system does not have a large sales force or marketing budget, its goal is to let prices and service speak for themselves. This method will provide NMVTIS compliant vehicle history reports that include all available records related to the searched VIN. VinAudit continually adds millions of vehicle-related records each month to government agencies and industry partners.

What Are The Features Of VinAudit?

  • Official NMVTIS Reports- It offers official reports from the National System of Information of Title of Motor Vehicles.
  • Exclusive Independent Coverage- Detect critical issues that other sources may fail with our free data coverage.
  • 24/7 Online and Mobile Access- You’ll get instant access to reports through our web and mobile interfaces.
  • Cost effective- Enjoy the feeling, for once, of not getting extorted on the price, pay month by month, do not expect other fees, and cancel at any time.
  • Title Problem checks-This system checks through 60+ title tags.
  • Odometer Checks- This helps detect reversals and manipulation
  • Open Lien Check- Helps you to avoid title transfer headaches
  • Active Theft Checks- It alerts you to active and passive thefts.
  • Prior Damage Checks- This system prevents unsafe rescue reconstructions.


How Does VinAudit Help You?

VinAudit continuously aggregates data from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry partners. Based on historical data, VinAudit has built statistical models to predict the cost of each of the displayed cost of ownership categories representing the vehicle’s real-time market value, annual vehicle mileage, owner’s status Vehicle, vehicle fuel efficiency, Gasoline prices, labor costs and other factors. It offers easy online access to NMVTIS reports save, print or e-mail. Through its web, desktop and mobile interfaces. With the Vehicle History API, you can access the raw vehicle history data in our standard report. VinAudit adds the following data types:

  • Vehicle specifications and title records: Includes model, tank size, and fuel economy as well the date of issue, state issued, and odometer readings.
  • Vehicle title brands & total loss records: Provides coverage to more than 60 potential securities brands and the reported date and insurance company reporting.
  • Scrap Records & Salvage sold records: You will find the junk yard and time stated and also the salvage auction company and year sold.
  • Open lien records: dateIt includes time of the claim and the name of the lien holder.
  • Impound & Export files: It provides exact date and agency of the deposit and also the time and organization of the export.
  • Theft records: It includes the reported status, the time said and the “active” state.
  • Accident records: Vinaudit includes the date, location, and details of the severity.
  • Sale records: Provide the date of sale and the auction number.


  • Understand the history of ownership of a past vehicle
  • This system helps detect hidden problems or previous damages
  • Contributes to avoid being deliberately defrauded or deceived
  • Vinaudit makes an informed assessment of the value of a vehicle.
  • It allows you to access up-to-date and complete data associated with your vehicle.
  • VinAudit offers business vehicle data subscriptions.
  • Each report is retained by the VinAudit system for one year.


  • To access the services of this site, you will be asked to use an account and a password that can be obtained by completing the online registration form, which requests certain information and data.
  • You may not transfer or share your account with anyone, and VinAudit reserves the right to immediately cancel your account if you transfer or share your account with others.

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Overall, Vinaudit has been a significant step forward to improve the accessibility of the vehicle’s history! Given the history options of your vehicle? The good news is there is a new player in town. Join more than 1,000 distributors in adopting NMVTIS-compliant official VinAudit reports, with improved coverage of critical issues, without the cost of big names. It’s time! Running reports on VinAudit’s vehicle history is easier than ever, you can take them out of your phone using an easy-to-use application. It is quite simple and convenient, but if you need help, our support will be happy to help you. This helps consumers to avoid this problem had listed some tips that will help detect fake airbags when buying a used car. Try Vinaudit today and take a big step forward to improve the accessibility of the overall vehicle history.

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