Tractive Review

Product Name: Tractive

Tractive Review

Do you love your pets more than your loved ones of your family? Are you interested in taking care your pet like dogs, rabbit, mouse, cat and much more? If you take your pet dog for walking to some new place, suddenly they pulled the chain from your hand and ran away from you, at the situation how could you find your lovable pet in the unknown place? Don’t worry, Here Tractive has introduced an amazing way to find your pet with help of GPS tracking device to take care your pets at all the time from anywhere you want. Of course, it is worth-able to keep tracking your pets and it will the best option to find the missing pets in the dark or crowd place.

What is the Tractive?

Tractive is an extraordinary system which has fantastic features to keep your pets in the safe zone, if they leave the safe zone, you will get alerted directly to your smartphone, so you can notify where your pet was and also help you to track your pet live over the internet or the Tractive Apps. You will get a chance to use Live Tracking Mode to trace them and protect it immediately. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is the real-time advanced tracker for knowing the location of your dog or cat directly from your phone through GPS to keep them safe. The tractive system also introduced new cool camouflage that design makes the GPS tracker perfect for hunting dogs. Sure you can track your dog or cat in a real time to find the current location of your pet with this Tractive GPS system quickly

How Does Tractive Can Work For Pets?

Generally, pets play an important role in daily life of human beings. If our pets got hurt or we missed them, we will felt worried about it and we are not able to concentrate on our daily life activities. Once you start using this Tractive Live Trace feature that allows you to determine the current position of your pet in real time to perform all the steps of your beloved pet and a map. Anytime, anywhere you can use this tracking device that allows you to find your dog, cat or other pet. See the location on a map of your pet in your browser to trace free with GPS apps from your Apple or smartphone. This device shows the exact position of your pet on a map. If anybody steals your pet they know that this collar contains GPS system, so you can easily trace them to rescue your pet safely.

Tractive Reviews

What Will You Get From Tractive?

  • Your pet’s safety is the beginning of Tractive device, If you are looking for your pet, you will always be able to run the Live Trace feature and the location is updated every second to know the place of your pets.
  • You can also define a safety zone. If your pet is out of the area, you should immediately get notified in your smartphone.
  • Tractive GPS app shows the current battery state of Tractive GPS device. If the time to recharge the battery, Tractive GPS app will remind you of time.
  • You can check the current location of your pet for Free in Tractive GPS map app in a browser via a smartphone.

Tractive System


  • With Tractive device you can follow the path of the last 24 hours of your pet, So you can get some idea to analyze what they did before.
  • It is highly effective and affordable for everyone.
  • It supports all the users to avoid the risk in future.
  • It is 100% waterproof system.
  • It is more beneficiary for people who are taking pets for long travel, trekking, camping in the forest and also suites for the pet at home.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this product because it is available in online only.



Of course, Tractive device is more suitable for pets like dog and cat because it can support users to find the pet in real time! It creates hope to identify your pets when they stuck in darkness or unknown place or whatever it may be. This type of GPS wearable are more effective to safeguard your pet from the critical situation and you will get the chance to trace them easily. In Tractive you can get pet wearables, collars, and other accessories to make your pet feel comfortable and it will be nice to wear at all the time. So don’t lose hope, just get this device and have all advantages for your pet safe. Don’t miss it.