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Health conscious people are the unsung heroes who take the time to understand and manage their health. Research shows that overall healthy lifestyle led to a 66% lower risk of death. Are you conscious about your health? If you want to improve the health of the world and to celebrate the health conscious through the social and financial rewards, Health IQ is the best health insurance service that helps you to assess your level of the health consciousness and contribute to the research being conducted on the relationship between your health and health knowledge. This service will pay your path towards to improve the health of the world.

What is the Health IQ?

Health IQ helps all the kinds of health conscious people do live longer. This service will gather the extensive peer-reviewed medical research on the health benefits of the healthy lifestyles such as weightlifters, vegans, marathon runners. This service will require the complete exact health history to get an accurate price. This service will analyze the relationship between the person’s real health and their medical knowledge. This service will befriend and negotiate partnerships with the reputed life insurance companies. Here, you can save the thousands of dollars for lifetime compared to the off-the-shelf rates. An additional benefit, your policy allows convincing more insurers to join this service and also create unique products at the lower rates for the health conscious people across the world. So that it will provide you lesser rates only for caring about your health.

How Does Health IQ Work?

Health IQ have partnered with more than 35 major carriers who all have free standards for how they rate people based on the present health and medical history criteria. The agents of Health IQ will work closely with you to point out on which the carrier and policy are the right fit. It must compensate for the higher cholesterol number and allow you how healthy you are. So this service worked with one of the partners to look at this triglyceride to HDL ratio rather than, making it useful for people who eat paleo, low carb, Atkins and other related diets.

This service will ensure to tap all area of health and used the expertise of the professionals in these areas. In this service, you will get the more quizzes offered on the specific topics, such as cabbage, quinoa and the benefits of yoga. This amount will take into account what your life partner and dependents could have to be financially steady and must be enough to cover daily expenses of living as well as higher costs such as the college and retirement. The agent of this Health IQ will allow you narrow it down. This service has helped thousands of people secure more than $1.5B in coverage.

What Will You Get From Health IQ?

  • Health IQ provides the exclusive rates for the health conscious runners, cyclists, swimmers, weightlifters, yoga practitioners and also athletes like you.
  • This service offers athlete-friendly measurement that measures waist to the hip ratio in addition to BMI for those with the muscular builds.
  • This service will allow the endurance athletes with the slow resting heart rates or any runner’s heart get real prices.
  • It will measure Tri/HDL cholesterol ratio in addition to HDL ratio for the low carb dieters.
  • This service will recognize that managing your diabetes or hypertension is the lot of hard work. It will allow the well-managed get the rates that they deserve.

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  • Health IQ has partnered with the top rated carriers.
  • It is designed to allow you get up, get moving, and get healthier.
  • This service comprises more than 10,000 questions spanning 300 topics.
  • It requires you just 30 question preliminary test covering about broad nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle basics.
  • This service will allow you to take quizzes on the topic of the day, dive into more niche subjects such as the Paleo diet, heart problems, or running.
  • The proprietary studies from over 1 million people have proven those with the high Health IQ live longer.


  • Health IQ is available in Online only. It is Not offered in paper format.
  • You will not find these quotes and quiz anywhere else. Because it is precious information for all the health conscious people.


Health IQ is the highly-recommended innovative insurance service that startup using the science and big data to negotiate exclusive rates on the insurance for the Health Conscious. This service is composed of the health conscious people who overcame their health challenges with the healthier habits, daily exercise, and proper nutrition. The main aim of Health IQ is to promote the healthy lifestyle through financial rewards. Get a quote and select the lifestyle that perfect suits you to see whether your quality for Health Conscious, Weightlifting, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Vegan, and HIIT. So don’t waste your time, join this health conscious movement and be healthy.

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