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Buying a car at an auction is easy once you know how. You want to get an idea of how much you can save on the make and model you are looking for. Here, gives you access to over 4,000 public and government auctions in the United States. It is the largest online source of US government auctions in every state in the US. Gov Auctions org is a database of car auctions across the country. They give you the location, telephone number, and website of the local car auctions in your state as well as the others. This is a very protected source of income for most car dealerships and is not advertised to the general public. This organization has gathered enough information and access rights to allow members to enjoy a multitude of direct sources where one could find their next vehicle with a savings of up to 90% of book value.

What is the is the most reliable and largest resource on the internet for government auctions providing warranty Listings in every US state. There is also no automatic reset, so you will not have to wake up some crazy charges on your credit card one day. Gov is a list of government car auctions across the country. Gov auctions have cheap cars that are relatively new and in beautiful condition. You can sign up for a standard two-year membership or upgrade to a lifetime membership. This org also has a free car search that shows you how much cars from previous auctions have sold for.

Government auto auctions are the best-kept secret in the auto industry so join the # 1 favourite source for US auto auctions. This is a growing demand for online access to lists of repo vehicles and to be able to bid and buy online and give you access to those sources. Gov-Auctions also provides you with a useful and unique car loan service that is 100% free where you receive an instant car loan offer with the best rates on the market without the hassle.

How Does Help You?

Buying a vehicle at a government car auction is not difficult once you know how everything works. And the savings can be very substantial. is the # 1 trusted US source for government car auctions, providing contact details to several hundred government-registered car auctions in the United States. The information you find on this site will save you many hours of research by locating “Offline” and “Online” government-related flags available in your area and state. You can choose the government auction individually to receive information about the listed vehicles where you inspect the vehicles and register to attend your bidding. Below are the eight simple steps that reveal how to buy a vehicle at government auctions:

  • Step 1: Do Your Homework- Decide on the brand of the vehicle you are interested in, and check the car press for a price guide for dealers and private sellers.
  • Step 2: Auction Day – Inspect the Vehicles- Get to the auto auction in time, allowing for at least 1.5 hours before the actual auction begins to have a good look at the stock, be it be prepared or sold.
  • Step 3: Price Range and Your Timing- Once you have selected a vehicle or some vehicles, find an auction consultant and ask for an indication of the regular price or perhaps even a reserve price.
  • Step 4: Preparing to Bid- See the auctioneer and his staff, and the bidding process. There are some tips and some conditions to participate in an auction that our consultants will help you.
  • Step 5: Making Your Bid- Make sure you are bidding on the exact vehicle by noting the lot number or engine number.
  • Step 6: Once You are the Successful Bidder- Bring your ID and partial payment to the sales office to ensure your wholesale purchase.
  • Step 7: Return to Settle- One of the most important things to remember at this point is to have your car insurance situation addressed, as you are now responsible for your vehicle.
  • Step 8: Happy Motoring- Pick up your new vehicle at the security door and drive away safely with our best wishes for the happy automobile in the future. Reviews

What Will You Get Inside Membership Area?

  • With thousands of new ads every week you will have access to 10,000 quality government-owned vehicles at low prices.
  • You will receive thousands of live car auctions from used, repossessed and repossessed cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and boats to bid, often starting at $ 100 to $ 500.
  • Within the member’s area, you will find online police and federal auctions in your local area, and throughout the United States, where you can bid online, so you will always get the best deals.
  • With Gov-Auctions, you will get direct links to other relevant auction sites online.
  • You will find contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites for easy reference and immediate use.
  • You can easily access Google Maps showing the exact location of the auctions.
  • You will gain full access to our Member Area, with current reports on the locations and timing of the best government auctions registered in your local area, as well as your state and the United States.
  • You can work with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all databases in the Member Area.


  • This org provides helpful tips to buying a cheap car at auction.
  • It will make you a particular purchase at any auto auction.
  • With so many vehicles going through each week the odds are on your side.
  • There is nothing to download, and you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail.
  • It will save you lots of time and effort where you can use 24/7.
  • It helps you and makes you feel at ease with the auction process.
  • You will find a consultant will help you locate the type of vehicle you are looking for.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this organization.
  • does not offer a one-point-of-contact access to the current stock (listings) of all live Government auction houses across the United States. Review


Finally, I’m so confident with this organization where you will find our information useful and that it will save you lots of time and effort. The services are therefore continuously monitored for quality assurance purposes. All the resources you need to begin participating in auctions of repo cars seized and forfeited vehicles and property is located in our Member’s Area, which you can use 24/7. There are no hidden fees. Standard fees such as title and registration still apply and are paid the same way as if you bought the car through a private transaction or at a dealership. This org offer you our full money-back guarantee of your membership fee, within 30 days of purchase, if you don’t find the site useful. So, there you have it no risk, so why don’t try it out by joining today!


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