First Strike Program Review

First Strike System Review – Read My Honest and Unbiased Todd Lamb & Steve’s First Strike Training Program¬†Review before Thinking of Buying First Strike Book! Free PDF Download!!!

Product Name: First Strike

Author Name: Todd Lamb & Steve

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Is it difficult to learn the defensive tactics in your free time to protect yourself or your dependents from any kind of critical situation or crisis? Nowadays in social media, we are hearing about the lot of problems like robbery, murder, rape, kidnap, house arrest and more. Why have to stick on the certain place in the hands of evil? If you know the simple techniques or tricks to handle the defenders surely you can get the chance to escape from the crisis. Here Todd Lamb &Steve waiting to teach each and every one in this world, whether it may be a small kid or old age people. They created this amazing First Strike Program to easily guide each and everyone for confidently regain their mind and body strength to protect you and dependent from before the strange things happen.

What is First Strike?

First Strike is an extraordinary program to make you learn when violence comes in blindly, you should know how to use simple techniques and recognize it correctly before you become a victim and end it. The real things happening to real people every day and make them feel worse day by day, so if you know the tricks and techniques, surely you can escape from the trouble and dominate them to go away from your or dependents effectively. You don’t need to memorize hundreds of skills, just free up yourself from deadly attacks by following this instructional video of instruction. It highlights 17 simple combative moves to defend you and yourself in a fraction of seconds. The best “martial arts” had to provide and mold the most destructive elements as a simple, realistic system that all new user could learn easiest and fastest with combative approaches.

How Does First Strike Work For Everyone?

  • A destructive strike that ends before they start.
  • Locking and pausing special forces submarines in a matter of seconds to make them “ineffective battles” (no one can easily learn why they do not teach this).
  • It will show you simple attack strategy to defend advanced weapons and neutralize perpetrators.
  • The most extraordinary way to deliver a strike that is confused and embarrassing and the perpetrator leans on the floor and wonders what has just happened.
  • You can learn the easiest way to change the attacker’s intentions about the actor and leave him with a face full of broken teeth (practice this first because one thing is certain in the fight – almost always on the ground).
  • The only strategy you have to use in a bloody shoot (like crazy, intense intentional intent (which means that you and the people around you end up in a pine box).
  • A mind trick that can confuse your perpetrators’ thoughts before you reach a hand before (you knew how to do this for years, but probably never knew when it was appropriate to use it).
  • Three simple strategies to get your fight done quickly and keep your head from shrinking at the end of the fight.

What Can You Learn From First Strike?

Here you need to practice these moves a little to wake up your natural instinct and the movement of each of these combinations is clearly communicated within three minutes and can be seen on your mobile phone to make you easy-to-understand video from anywhere.You must absorb this move for few days or weeks or a year of martial arts training. Each move is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand way with 3-minute video, so you can master the system quickly and easily.

When you realize that you have instinctive ability to exercise this deadly and effective movement, you have confidence that others can perceive and often end your encounter before you begin. All the skills of this comprehensible book will quickly become a second nature, so you can safely keep yourself and your family safe without thinking! When you come in you will inflate you with a supernatural feeling of confidence and power that you can actually fill.


  • Command Presence
  • Advanced Situational Awareness



  • The First Strike offers the user-friendly guide to support all the people.
  • Use this simple three-minute video guaranteed to quickly and easily learn all 17 destructive movements.
  • It supports you to handle all the critical situation and guide you to use the techniques instantly.
  • It is highly effective and affordable by everyone.
  • This program enhances with rock solid money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this program because it is available in online only.
  • If you are not practicing this techniques or tricks, you may stick in any problem.


Most people think that special forces spend a lot of time training their deadly martial arts skills. But it’s not right, This is based on natural human reflexes to finish the encounter quickly and efficiently. Simple observations, scanning techniques, and monitoring guide have been completely tested and proven in all the field to work, again and again, so you can avoid the use of violence before it starts. If you take action quickly, it is absolutely effective to use today’s First Strike and it wants to provide that capacity to face any situation with confidence and power forever.

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