Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review & Bonus

Product Name : Affiliate Marketing Mastery

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

A lot of people are always on the look out to make some extra income on the side. One of the most common places to search for these opportunities has always been the internet. A lot of opportunities to make that extra cash are floated on a daily basis by companies that require one to be of service to them. However, the fact is that you can never be too sure of the company that offers you the opportunity to make this extra money. The main reason is, fraudsters also know that a lot of people frequent the internet in search of such opportunities. They have managed to come up with ingenious ways to ensure that they defraud you of your hard earned cash.

This has made it very difficult to distinguish between what is legit and what is a scam. It is for this purpose that today I chose to do a review on a product called Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

This review is based on my experience on this program and what I think about it. It is not written as a promotional material, neither is it written to criticize the product. I am not affiliated with the company in any way whatsoever and what I write is entirely based on my experience using this product.

So What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Before we answer this question, lets digress a little bit to understand the meaning of affiliate marketing and how it works. Well, affiliate marketing is a process used by different companies to award commissions to individuals who market their products or services. It is a very simple and straight forward model of earning money. All you need to do is find a product you like, promote it to others, if they buy it then you make a commission off the sales from the company selling the product. The best thing about this model is that you really don`t have to do anything. You are not involved in the manufacture or production of the product being sold. All you need to do is refer someone to a company`s website and you make money when they purchase something from it.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery defined:

Having said that, we can now take a look at what Affiliate Marketing Mastery is all about. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a training program designed by Stefan James Pylarinos. This program is designed to not only teach you how to make money online, but also focuses on helping you create a brand for yourself. In this program, Stefan describes in detail some of the methods he has used to enable him make his 7 figure a year brand. He doesn’t shy away at that as he continues on to share his results with you.

The course has undergone various improvements over time. There`s dozens of additional content on new trainings and he has also included his latest strategies to beat the market.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery summarized Course Content:

During this course, Stefan explains the basic steps on getting enrolled, the tools you need and how to start making money for yourself.

He has simplified this into four basic steps that we shall discuss here today.

1. Creating a Blog/YouTube Content

He started off with creating a blog for himself where he would set up a blog around specific products and get it ranked by Google. He explains in detail how he went through this process to completion. The blogs are necessary to review the products or services being offered by specific companies. When a potential customer has inquiries about a specific product, he is routed to the blog which then helps them make the right decision. Any products bought through a link from the blog earn commission. Some of the blogs that Stefan set up years ago and still benefits from are My Vitamix Review Website, My Blendtec Review Website and My Fitbit Review.

2. Kindle Publishing

Affiliate marketing mastery program explains Kindle publishing and how it can be used to make money online. The process of setting up and starting is explained in detail with hints on what works and can get you to the top earning big money hustle free. Kindle publishing can be a great source of making money. This program also explains how to link your kindle content to your YouTube review channel thus enabling you to earn from both at the same time.

3. Reviewing and promotion of products

Affiliate marketing mastery program goes into details on how to make money by reviewing products and offering a platform to promote products for purchase. Through Project Life Mastery, Stefan explains and shows practically how to review products and make money off them at the same time. Affiliate marketing mastery program goes into detail on how to build up the authority of your blog on Google. This in turn gives the blog a higher ranking and therefore receives more traffic resulting in higher sales.

4. E-mail list product promotion

Promoting products on the email list is one sure way of getting extra cash. The affiliate marketing mastery program describes in detail how to ensure you use this opportunity to your advantage. Through tools like the Life Mastery Toolkit, this program shows how you can build on your email database and how to use this database of email addresses to your advantage. The program shows you how to include affiliate links on the emails sent out to those in your database and also how to ensure that the links generate enough interest form the viewer to warrant them clicking on it. When promoting specific products, it is easily done through sending out an email that contains the necessary information regarding the product. Purchase of the product is then facilitated through the link availed in the email.

Benefits of joining the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program:

#1 High Returns on earnings.

This program shows you how to build your platforms and make money online. The more you follow the processes and implement them, the higher the returns you get on this program. Affiliate marketing mastery program is equipped with numerous ways of approaching online businesses and shows how to easily and continuously make money off them. The money you make is proportional to how you implement the tactics shown in this program.

#2 Availability of a wide array of tools.

The program equips you with a wide array of tools that help you achieve your goals. Tool kits such as the Life Mastery Toolkit are designed to train you in building and managing your client databases. It helps you save time and lets you concentrate on the core business as it manages your databases and organizes your work.

#3 Receiving Constant Updates on the latest and most efficient affiliate marketing strategies.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is always updated with new and proved strategies used to make money online. This constant upgrade of information is necessary to help you proceed on your quest to make money online. You benefit from having the advantage of always staying on top of the game. When you implement the new strategies, you widen your chance of expanding your client database while increasing the amount of money you earn. Having this knowledge on your fingertips ensures that you channel your energies on what works and reduce time wasted.

#4 Access to PDF`s, Audio and Video material

This program furnishes you will all the material you need. You get to receive write-ups that allow you to read and research on your free time. The video material is essential in showing you practically what needs to be done and how to go about it. It is necessary for clear guidance and reduces the possibility of misunderstandings.

#5 Access to workshop programs

Stefan usually prepares workshop programs during launches to better demonstrate how to approach online affiliate marketing. This allows you to ask direct questions regarding the challenges or difficulties you experience that hinder you from achieving your goals. Real time support is necessary when embarking on any program as it helps reduce your chances of making any mistakes or remaining stagnant.



The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program might seem like a high ticker program at first, but what is important is the fact that it works. With a little guidance and follow through, you are bound to start receiving those checks in no time. The information that is available on this program coupled with the tools and constant updates of new proven strategies is immeasurable. It is also important to mention that the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program supports a charity course in Ethiopia where it plans to build schools for the less fortunate. You automatically get to be a part of this noble cause when you enroll for the program. Going by the individual number of reviews online, it is evident that a lot of people have managed to make money online through this program. If you are looking for ways to make money online, you might want to consider the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program.

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